IT Consulting

Lincoln Bay IT Consulting Services are designed to help companies reduce the workload on internal IT resources and allow them to focus on other projects. We understand that, regardless of the role that a server or farm plays, the basics must always be taken care of. This takes time and resources. Whether the job is day-to-day management and monitoring, scheduled system upgrades, routine patching, or migration to a new platform Lincoln Bay has the expertise and experience. This frees up full time staff to focus internal resources on your 'next big thing'.

The Lincoln Bay Way

Consulting is our pride and joy.  Each engagement, whether short or long term, is an extension of our own company.  We only engage the best resources to do the work, and consistently and comprehensively communicate progress to all stakeholders. 

Our Focus

Managed Services

Need a way to free up some of your internal IT resources and still keep an eye on the store? Lincoln Bay managed services might be the answer. We remove the burden of staffing and maintaining your Tier2 or Tier3 team and replace it with a single point of contact.

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Project Services

Projects of all sizes benefit from proper management. Lincoln Bay can provide these skills for your next engagement. Already have a team, but need someone to help focus and drive a deliverable? Maybe you just have a project, but need to manage and staff it? Lincoln Bay can help!

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